If you’re among the millions of Americans who buy their own health insurance, we realize how frustrating it can be for you trying to get coverage in today’s marketplace. It can seem virtually impossible, and when you do find a source, the array of options can be very confusing. But it is crucial to have good health insurance to protect your family’s assets from devastating medical bills in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury.

Depend on the experience of the professionals at Fee Insurance to find the policy that is what you want, and help you understand the coverage. 

Dental Insurance

We have several great plans for individual and families. We now offer coverage to shoppers needing dental insurance at any time, with open enrollment periods.  

Click here for quotes, and call us for expert guidance on a plan. 

Supplemental Health Insurance

A serious illness or accident not only threatens your health, but it can also threaten your financial stability. An event that might cause loss of income for you and your family and the unforeseen expenses such as travel and lodging for medical treatment can add up quickly.

We can help you through those challenges, and work with you to find the solutions to your specific situation that offer protection for you and your family.

We offer options to select protection on an individual basis for accidents, cancer, heart attack/stroke and other critical illness. The benefits are paid directly to you to be used for those unforeseen expenses.

To learn more about the supplemental individual policy, call us for help with finding the perfect protection for your peace of mind.