Medicare 101 Presentation

Sep 21, 2016

Medicare and other insurance options available to you when you turn 65 were designed to make your life easier. So why does it have to feel so overwhelming? It’s not, when you have access to an expert who will answer your questions.

At Fee Insurance Group, we heard from too many people who found Medicare rules and benefits confusing, so when we met Medicare expert Bob Evenson, we wanted to share his wisdom and resources with our own clients.

Bob will be in Hutchinson on Thursday, September 29th, for one day only. He will offer two seminars, which are limited to 20 people each. Seminars will be held at 10 a.m. & 6p.m. in the Fee Insurance Group conference room on the 7th Floor of the First National Bank building at One North Main in downtown Hutchinson. He will also be speaking at the Delos V Smith Center at 3:30, 101 W 1st Ave. While the small size of the seminars will give participants a better chance to get questions answered, it also means you need to get your reservation in quickly.

Call us today at 620-662-2381 to reserve your seat for the seminar. Together, we can make healthcare during your retirement years simple and secure!

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